Woven table runner or wall hanging

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Woven piece made by me, with a rigid heddle loom. The weft is entirely handspun/hand dyed fibers- the base is a dark brown undyed shetland wool with pulled sari silk and sparkles spun into it, and then I wove textured and multicolored stipes from a WIDE variety of handspun and hand dyed fibers, including handspun art yarns, naturally dyed upcycled cotton fabric, sari silk fabric, and more! The piece feels soft and pliable and despite the inclusion of some art yarns it lays fairly flat so this easily functions as a table runner or decorative piece to lay on a back of a couch or other furnishings. It can also be displayed as a wall hanging or used in any other way that suits your life and home. The dimensions are 44 inches by 18 inches, and it is easily hand washed in a sink using and liquid detergent of your choice, then laid flat to dry.