Under The Sea - colorful mixty yarn, 50 yards

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Making some magical yarns, by customer request! Hand dyed mixed fiber yarn, spun with sparkles! Tons of texture! These are all one of a kind, spun from my giant bin of mixed odds and ends. Each unique!  50 yards.

Often these yarns are completely one of a kind, but occasionally I might have doubles, or may be able to custom-spin larger amounts if you need. Please convo me if you have any questions or requests. These yarns are spun in my home; I do my absolute best to keep my felines out of the fiber, but please do be aware that these yarns are created in an pet-friendly home. After they are spun, tagged, photographed and listed, they "live" in my herb shop until they are sold, so they DO smell pleasantly of herbs - most people find this pleasant but if you think this might be objectionable, you have been warned.