Temperance - tapestry art yarn wall hanging

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My Tarot-inspired tapestries continue with Temperance. True to the vibe, one day I sat down, pulled existing yarns/fibers from my stash and wove this piece straight through in pure flow state in one sitting. The colors are soft, muted, and comforting without being boring. The textures draw you in for quiet contemplation. 

Fun fact - my first year of college I took a weaving class for no real reason (I was not an art major). That was the last time I actually wove anything, until now! But needless to say, my years of fiberarts have led me to this point, and I'm delighted.

Temperance is a peaceful, calming, quiet, sweet, mellow, comforting tapestry wall art piece. It contains primarily handspun yarns I have created (mostly from raw fleeces), but also contains: vintage laces and trims, hand dyed sari silk ribbon, upcycled vintage cotton fabrics.

The stats: The piece is 11 inches wide and 21 inches to the very bottom fringe. 

This fiberart piece is stored in my home; I have one cat, and burn candles and incense. Please act accordingly if you have any sensitivities or allergies.