Smooth Sailing bfl wool locks yarn, 50 yards

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Lustrous, long Blue Faced Leicester wool locks from a small family farm, washed, dyed, and spun into this soft, luscious, curly handspun yarn. 50 yards, great for any kind of fiber art project! Single ply bulky weight. 

Often these yarns are completely one of a kind, but occasionally I might have doubles, or may be able to custom-spin larger amounts if you need. Please convo me if you have any questions or requests. These yarns are spun in my home; I do my absolute best to keep my felines and house bunny out of the fiber, but please do be aware that these yarns are created in an pet-friendly home. After they are spun, tagged, photographed and listed on etsy, they "live" in my herb shop until they are sold, so they DO smell pleasantly of herbs - most people find this pleasant but if you think this might be objectionable, you have been warned :) .