Serendipity - whimsical surprise mini art batts/art roving

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I purchased a blending board, made a diz out of an antique button, and have been having the best time carding up my bin of scraps into these adorable mini art batts/art roving. They're funky and lumpy and chunky in all the best ways, full of texture and sparkle and literally any fiber I grab out of my bin - I am not trying to aim for any specific colors, really  just randomness! So what you will get will be a SURPRISE, but it will be fun. Selling these in 1 oz increments.

Fibers used may include any (or all) of the following: wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, angora, bamboo, silk, lyocell, sparkles, tencel, faux cashmere (nylon).

Mostly local fibers and all hand dyed by me. Use for spinning, carding, felting, paper making, weaving - anything your fiberartist heart desires! Price is per oz, order as many ounces as you like.