Penny Farthing - picked fiber cloud for art spinning, felting, carding, blending

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I LOVE spinning from fibers I have run through my swing picker. I call her Mrs. Pointy :) She loosely blends fibers without making them TOO blended, and gently opens up the locks for spinning - but not TOO much. This listing is for 2 oz. of my own home-blending, home-picked fiberart blend. I have a wide selection of fibers and I LOVE choosing blends for maximum texture and color. This blend contains: multiple kinds of wool, alpaca, firestar, pulled sari silk,  lyocell, sparkles, and mohair. Most fibers are locally produced on small family farms and they are all dyed by me. This blend can be spun as-is for a wild yarn (I included one photo of a wrapped art yarn I created with this exact blend) - of you can use it in your blending board, drum carder, felting project - honestly, any way you choose. It's funky, chunky, and artsy - with all kinds of lengths of fibers, locks, and honestly you may find a bit of VM but overall it's quite clean and lovely.

i included one photo of this fiber spun as a wrapped bulky single yarn.  

I keep my fibers in my home; I burn incense and have a cat so please make purchasing decisions accordingly.