Naturally dyed papers, 10 pack, half sheet

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Plain ol'printer paper, the offcuts from the paper I use to print all my shipping labels - turned into naturally dyed art :)

Each pack contains a half-sheet of 8.5x6inch (approximate) paper, that has been naturally dyed by me. I use a variety of techniques and dyes including dip dyeing, indigo dyeing, and ecoprinting. These papers are textured and imperfectly perfect. You could iron them if you prefer a smoother texture, but I like the crinkle, so I leave it. :)

These are wildy imperfect. A lot of them have a small time/date stamp on one edge becuase that's what my printer does. I also use these papers as the "barrier" when I am ecoprinting, so you may even find some bits of plant matter still on the papers. I love the "grunginess" of these so I leave it all as-is. Upcycling at it's finest, if you like imperfections these papers are for you! If you need anything pristine, these are not what you seek.

Great for all your junk journaling, mixed media, art, and writing needs.