3 scarf set - Fresh indigo dyed!

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Indigo is an amazing dye plant. It makes those rich deep blues we are familiar with when it is fermented in a vat dye - but did you also know that fresh, un-fermented indigo yields a whole rainbow of colors?

I am selling this set of three scarves which demonstrate four different colors from my fresh, homegrown indigo plants. They are all habotai silk. I dyed one a luscious light turquoise using fresh indigo. After dyeing with the fresh indigo, you can alter the dyepot with varying temperature and pH alterations to get a variety of different dye colors from one pot. The light lilac/pink scarf I then stencil dyed with fresh indigo leaf. The third and final dye color is a sunny, buttery yellow. You will get the set shown in the first picture. (The indigo scarf with stenciling is simply shown to elaborate on teh dye techniques; that particular scarf is available in a separate listing).

 Each Scarf is colorfast. To wash, simply rinse under water with your favorite liquid soap (really any kind will do), rinse until clear and iron dry. Simple!